Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A year ago, we welcomed Muhammad Zharif Amsyar.  Our bundle of joy..
We figured out the nursing job. Enhance our parenting skills day by day..  We were told there would be tears, weary, sleepy & most important is how to show our love & that we care.
We've felt a LOVE so strongly, in a baby's gentle touch. His laughs & smiles. His pouts & tears. We wouldn't trade a minute, as a thankful ibu & ayah.
A year has gone so quickly, and yet we have to learn so much more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHARIF dearie.. Many more to come!!

Notes to Zharif ..

Assalamualaikum Sayang..
A year passed by just like blows of wind..  Our day is full of pleasant surprise. Because of your smile we can’t even remember our sleepless nights.. Because of you, our string of love tighten even more. We will cherish the memory of those days with you by our side..
Our DOA that “May Allah SWT bless you abundantly & makes you one of His righteous servants and fills your life with the light of His guidance. Jadi anak yang baik, beriman & soleh ya sayang..  Aminnnnn. “
Ayah & Ibu